United Saud Companies

About Us

United Saud Limited is the promoter of service-oriented companies and holds significant shareholdings in these companies. United Saud Limited is commonly referred to as the United Saud Group. United Saud Limited has now worked 4 Brands. King Saud, Soft Saud, Royal Saud & Right Source International. United Saud Limited has come a long way in reaching its goals by complimenting to client needs, learning real-time lessons from past projects, innovating, and partnering its project implementation process. Through major investment undertakings in all key sectors, United Saud has contributed to the country. Most of its projects have been success stories – this fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence in The United Saud’s future.

CEO Message

 I  think, in the era of globalization and information technology, the world has turned into a global village with communication and connectivity – the ultimate key to development and economic emancipation. Moreover, globalization and its all-pervasive impact on states and their economies have made life more competitive, complex and technology-driven. Inter-state trade dependence, investment potentials and a free flow of information and raw materials have made the world. where quality rules and standard products and services sneak in shedding physical boundaries. As you know, the diverse range of products with ensured standard, quality services, and most effective managerial efficiency have made the company a market leader in the respective sectors of its operation. Keeping main focus on business expansion and growth in the most prospective sectors, The United Saud is continuously taking up projects to make it the largest conglomerate in the business arena of Bangladesh despite fast-changing business trend. Still, each and every company of the United Saud cares for their clients as their obligation and highest customer satisfaction remains the key to our success. As a custodian of the United Saud, I hope that the cordial relations with all the valued clients will remain intact as partners of prosperity and we also look forward to developing more successful relations with potential clients in the future. It will certainly help us grow and serve the stakeholders even better in the days ahead.